Oct 29, 2011

Concept LA

Concept Los Angeles Fashion Week at ACE Gallery

one off platforms by Lovecraft Leather

Periwinkle the owl 

Periwinkle the owl styled by Vanessa

Vanessa and CAPTURE model James 

my ears are still ringing

Oct 28, 2011

CAPTURE hits Fashion's Night Out, Los Angeles

What do the CAPTURE girls do in between jet setting around the world?  Check out the local fashion scene of course!  This is how the CAPTURE girls celebrate fashion in Los Angeles, making shopping fun again!

hey girl...

my SATC moment..

Makkie and Vanessa at LA's  Fashion's Night Out

one day my name will be in lights...

Makkie wants to "capture" you

you rang? 

What do you mean I can't afford this?!

I'll see you later....

Oct 25, 2011

days in Tokyo

Prada Store Tokyo by Herzog and Meuron.  

This vending machine would never survive the streets of L.A. 

street sign...makes me feel right at home

OMG! foreigner!
final Japanese meal in Tokyo  

Oct 24, 2011

capTure the magic of Japan

capTure heads to our showroom in Japan at Caitac International...

After a sleepless 12-hour flight, cocktails are definitely in order.
view from hotel room

Welcome to our showroom ...

vanessa with capTure model

first Japanese meal in Tokyo
see you around....

Oct 22, 2011

capTure in the big apple

New York captures our heart, let us capTure theirs
dizzying view from the hotel room

capTure girls never travel light..

Kana, Vanessa, Nina, Makkie, and Natsu

a slice of NY's finest to go with your capTure shirt...mmmmmmmm....